About us

Andrew Hemming

Andrew's background prior to forming Footprint Media was in Business and Finance, with a college education that covered Business Studies, Business Accountancy and Contract Law.

In addition to the various programming languages Andrew knows, he is also a avid student of spoken languages and has added fluent in Spanish to his native English.

Footprint Media was founded by Andrew Hemming back in 2005 as a digital design and development agency focused on the creation of HTML websites for small businesses. Things quickly took off and as more clients signed on, the business evolved into one that served start-ups, SMEs, FTSE 100 companies, government and NGOs.

Additional skill sets were brought to bear, primarily in the open-source ecosystem; from dynamic front-end user interfaces to server-side automation in a variety of programming languages, to highly-complex database schemas.

A few words from the founder

Working with computers has always been one of my greatest interests. My first computer was an Amstrad, the one with the green screen and the tape drive! I remember the old 5¼" floppy diskettes, the ones that really were floppy! I later progressed to an x86, used one of the original Macs at high school and was at college when Yahoo! Mail was launched and Microsoft bought Hotmail for $400 million.

I began to work in the IT industry around the time of the .com bubble, first with a domain registrar where customers faxed through orders for thousands of domains at a time, just in case they would become valuable in the future; after that I went to an IT reseller and advised companies on what hardware to put in their offices and server racks.

It was in 2005 that I decided to try my hand at building websites in my spare time; little did I realise that it would take me down a new career path and here I am, 14 years later.

Business ethics

We know that in business, reputation is everything; as such, we operate a strict honesty and integrity policy. This means that you can depend upon us to fufil the conditions we agree to. Naturally, we hope to receive the same treatment from our customers - see our terms and conditions. To date, neither we nor our clients have been disappointed.

Recent client history

  • Seacap Services Spain SL, Marbella, Spain. 2012-ongoing.

    Role: IT and Development Manager

    • Network and server management, both local office and datacentre
    • Quality control
    • Set-up and supervision of version-control systems
    Team: Three in-house developers and various external (outsourced) developers and translators.

  • Snuko PLC, Marbella, Spain. 2011-2012.

    Role: Web Development Manager

    • Server management
    • Coordination of all web development activities
    Team: Two in-house developers, graphic designer, external translation agency.

  • Viva Estates, Marbella, Spain. 2010-2011.

    Role: Web Development Manager

    • Renovation of company website
    • Design implementation
    Team: Two in-house graphic designers, marketing manager, IT manager.

  • Earthsite, California, USA. 2007-2010

    Role: Web Developer Responsibilities:

    • Creation and maintenance of websites, primarily using the Joomla! CMS